West Moors – Painting & Decorating

West Moors – Painting & Decorating

This property is a two bedroom bungalow which needed a fresh lick of paint and a bit of a lift.  Our client, well into his nineties, welcomed us every morning, and kept an interested eye on the progress through the week.  Our challenge was working around a fully furnished property, with carers coming and going throughout the day, and also keeping our client comfortable, whilst manoeuvring items from one side of the room into the centre and then replacing them on our departure every evening.

We commenced works in the spare room, stripping wallpaper and found half the walls had never had a layer of paint on them.  We re-papered the walls in the room as well as in the passage with a textured paper to hide the unevenness of the plastering, especially in the passage where we needed to do some skimming.  The walls, ceilings and white work were then done and two new wall lights were fitted and curtains re-hung.

Work in the main bedroom was a bit more challenging as the huge wardrobes could not be moved around and the bed had required monitor equipment attached, so it was a little tight squeeze working around the edges of the room.  We removed the wall paper around the large sliding doors facing into the conservatory, then painted over the existing wallpaper on the other walls, painted the ceiling and finished off the white works.  Our client has ordered new built in cupboards which are to be fitted soon.

The bathroom and kitchen had the ceilings, doors and white work painted.

The last area was the living room where our client spends most of his day, and having two large dressers, cabinets, coffee tables and a lounge suit, we made things as comfortable as possible for our client to spend his time in the main bedroom.  We definitely needed to complete works in this room within a day, which we promptly did.  After removing the old wallpaper on the feature wall, we painted the walls, ceiling and white works.  I have to mention the very interesting and beautiful ceiling design and cornices, which were polystyrene, painted and looking brilliant with a fresh coat of white paint.

Job done and a very happy client!

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