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Elmleigh – Decking

On inspection of the decking, parts were pretty rotten and required replacing.  I pressure washed the entire area, as the decking was very slippery and needed a good clean anyway.  The rotten planks as well as the steps on the decking were replaced and re-stained to match  the original decking.

West Moors – Painting & Decorating

West Moors – Painting & Decorating

This property is a two bedroom bungalow which needed a fresh lick of paint and a bit of a lift.  Our client, well into his nineties, welcomed us every morning, and kept an interested eye on the progress through the week.  Our challenge was working around a fully furnished property, with carers coming and going throughout the day, and also keeping our client comfortable, whilst manoeuvring items from one side of the room into the centre and then replacing them on our departure every evening.

We commenced works in the spare room, stripping wallpaper and found half the walls had never had a layer of paint on them.  We re-papered the walls in the room as well as in the passage with a textured paper to hide the unevenness of the plastering, especially in the passage where we needed to do some skimming.  The walls, ceilings and white work were then done and two new wall lights were fitted and curtains re-hung.

Work in the main bedroom was a bit more challenging as the huge wardrobes could not be moved around and the bed had required monitor equipment attached, so it was a little tight squeeze working around the edges of the room.  We removed the wall paper around the large sliding doors facing into the conservatory, then painted over the existing wallpaper on the other walls, painted the ceiling and finished off the white works.  Our client has ordered new built in cupboards which are to be fitted soon.

The bathroom and kitchen had the ceilings, doors and white work painted.

The last area was the living room where our client spends most of his day, and having two large dressers, cabinets, coffee tables and a lounge suit, we made things as comfortable as possible for our client to spend his time in the main bedroom.  We definitely needed to complete works in this room within a day, which we promptly did.  After removing the old wallpaper on the feature wall, we painted the walls, ceiling and white works.  I have to mention the very interesting and beautiful ceiling design and cornices, which were polystyrene, painted and looking brilliant with a fresh coat of white paint.

Job done and a very happy client!

41A Cheap st, Sherborne…Freshen up and replace bath.

The goal here was to freshen up the property to re-let as soon as possible.

Remove old bath and tile.

Fit new bathroom ceiling.

Kitchen to tile and put down new vinyl.

Sad old bathroom.
Chipped iron bath, mastic letting water through to bottom shop.
Bulge in ceiling due to old age and about to fall.
Tried to gently remove plaster but it fell…… what a mess.
Removed old bath and sink and started paneling wall yo take tiles.
Ceiling removed with boiler showing pipe work.
New bath in place, starting to tile.
Tiling done next to grout.
Ceiling in.
Boxing done around the boiler and pipe work.
Bathroom done with vinyl complete.
Toilet freshened up, with a coat of paint.
Kitchen Vinyl down. Relined the walls and painted plus the ceiling.
Lounge freshened with a coat of paint just waiting for someone.
Hallway freshened up and looking welcoming.
Stairway leading to bedrooms.
Looking from the top of the stairs down to hallway.
Main bedroom of the cottage, freshened up waiting for someone but my your head.
Spare room nice and clean.

2 The Green Sherborne…..June 2016

Its all coming together….
Ahh thats better
Nearly there.
Kitchen looks good
Bathroom looking better
Toilet looks great too…
Laundry room
Washing machine has somewhere to go
Passage now looks great, no more falling ceilings and damp walls
Street facing room 1
We rewired the whole flat and all is up to date and easily accessible…
Back room
Back room
Bedroom 2 street facing, all that is needed is the carpets.
Bedroom 2
Passage going down
Passage going down
Going up to loft room……. boy it needs the carpets…………
Loft room looking great now…
We had to install packing space on either side of the loft room
Loft room overlooking “The George” Sherborne’s oldest pub…
Back room
Back room damp in walls….
Backroom ceiling needs replacing……. water was leaking through…… you could see sky light through the roof
What an ugly old bathroom
Pipes everywhere
What an old cistern…. oh and the pipes…
So dated
More damp
Note the pipes on the kitchen wall
Plaster falling off.
The pipes on the kitchen wall.
The ceiling falling in… in the kitchen also.
Old serving hatch.
Kitchen continued.
Rotten window…… will need to replace.
Bedroom 2 street side
Bedroom 2.
Stairs going up to loft.
Stairs going down to street.
Water coming through the ceiling in the passage.
Room 1 Street side.
Room 1 street side.
Room 1 Street side.
Coat/storage room.
Old dining room with serving hatch.
Old dining room with serving hatch.
Ceiling coming down in dining room.
Water ingress in dining room.

Austers Cross

This has been a very interesting project from the very start… a large two bedroom property, with two double garages on either side of the bungalow, with the one garage extending towards the rear of the garden, and a huge conservatory as an extended workshop.

The landlord travelled to the US and has remained there for the last eight years, only to decide to have his property made ready for the letting market.  He enjoyed his years working on his collection of vintage automobiles, surrounded by shelves and walls decorated with tools, an old lathe and block & tackle for lifting engines.

The conservatory, lined with work benches and more shelves and tools, clearly a sanctuary where dedication to the upkeep of beautiful cars, was enjoyed over the years.

The first couple of weeks entailed packing up the entire household content, separating personal belongings to ship over to the US, storing goods in the garage and also removing unwanted items from the property.  Shelves of collected magazines, some dated around the 1950’s and dozens of interesting books and collected shells, all to be packed.

The interior of the home, mostly decorated with dark wallpaper, typical of a gentleman’s abode, required a bright and fresh new look to open up the interior and modernize the property to a certain degree.

The wide entrance hall leads into what was the tiny kitchen which housed a sink cabinet, the little drawer packed with tools, a fridge and an ancient two plate cooker on a stand, along with a wooden kitchen table and chair.  We fitted new cupboards, kitchen sink and built in oven and cooker, and also enclosed the boiler behind a cupboard door.  Opening up the kitchen into the dining area meant removing the dividing wood framed glass door and window panel separating the two rooms.  We then fitted a large base cabinet below the dining room window, thereby introducing an area for an open plan dining room.  This area then leads into a lovely bright living room area with a very interesting seventies style feature wall.

The bathroom was painted white, with new tiling around the bath and basin, and also a shower positioned above the bath.  A heated towel rail was installed and unsightly pipes boxed in.

New wood-look vinyl flooring was laid in the bathroom and kitchen, with the balance of the home carpeted throughout.

The loft now has new insulation, the chimney has been resealed and the roof has had a good pressure spray.  The garage roof had deteriated over the years and a hardened foam had been applied on the interior roofing to seal it and for insulation.  Unfortunately it had started leaking on the join.  To counter this we fitted battens in place and a bitshumen corrugated roofing secured on top, finishing off with white facia boards on the edging.

The landlord is thrilled with the new look of the property, which is now home to the first tenants.

Challenges?  Oh yes!  A foot through the bedroom ceiling!  New electric wiring and plug installations required after decorating was complete!  The boiler company stalling before payments and deposits being paid!  Carpets being fitted as the tenants were moving in… happily all sorted!

And then, the new carpet in the hallway bubbled, caused by a little patch of wet parquet flooring!  We discovered this was a result of a leaking waste pipe under the bath, water creeping three metres and escaping in one little area!  Thankfully all is now perfect.

We thoroughly enjoyed this project and have some future summer work to look forward to as requested by the landlord.

40 The Toose

Our latest big project… the complete refurbishment of a lovely 2 bedroom property, now looking light, bright and fresh ready for the new tenants. It is always a pleasure working on a new canvas, and these are the projects we love the most. All carpets and vinyl flooring were removed before the painting of white works began.  This is where, from a maintenance aspect, a property benefits from a good sanding of all the skirting boards, doors, door frames and the wooden cupboard doors. Walls were painted magnolia, a colour which is warm and at the same time blends in with any personal decor colour in one’s home.  The Bathroom and Kitchen were painted white, as these areas in homes are predominantly smaller, and do require more reflected light.  Ceilings were kept white as this naturally lifts and lightens the feel in the rooms. Good quality wood finish vinyl was laid in the kitchen and bathroom, leaving a feel of warmth against the brightness of the white walls and tiles. Carpeting was laid throughout the rest of this charming happy home, completing the refurbishment and readying it for tenancy. The rear garden was also tidied, and overgrown shrubs entwined with bramble, removed, opening up the garden area.  The broken fence panels were also replaced. Happy days! 

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Crown Cottage, Sherborne

Work carried out on external windows with repairing of rotten wood edgings, sanded and repainted.  Internal windows and window sills sanded and re-painted leaving the property looking neat and refreshed.

2015-02-10 14.05.26 2015-05-27 18.12.402015-05-27 18.12.452015-02-10 14.05.532015-05-27 18.12.532015-05-27 18.11.162015-05-27 18.11.082015-05-27 07.34.00


86 Earl Street, Yeovil

A great project carried out at a student accommodation property. Painting and decorating of one student bedroom and upper level stairway where damp patches were addressed.  After replacing the old toilet, boxing of pipes in the WC, neatened unsightly piping, and painted brilliant white, brightening the small area appropriately. The bathroom had a total re-vamp whereby a new toilet and basin where reset, and the old bath replaced with a new shower. The submersion tank and and all piping where boxed and painted white, thereby giving the perception of space and light. The dinning area & kitchen where given a good lick of paint, refreshing and uplifting a tired and dull social area. The carpets in the communal areas where all nicely steam cleaned leaving the property bright and perky.

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