40 The Toose

Our latest big project… the complete refurbishment of a lovely 2 bedroom property, now looking light, bright and fresh ready for the new tenants. It is always a pleasure working on a new canvas, and these are the projects we love the most. All carpets and vinyl flooring were removed before the painting of white works began.  This is where, from a maintenance aspect, a property benefits from a good sanding of all the skirting boards, doors, door frames and the wooden cupboard doors. Walls were painted magnolia, a colour which is warm and at the same time blends in with any personal decor colour in one’s home.  The Bathroom and Kitchen were painted white, as these areas in homes are predominantly smaller, and do require more reflected light.  Ceilings were kept white as this naturally lifts and lightens the feel in the rooms. Good quality wood finish vinyl was laid in the kitchen and bathroom, leaving a feel of warmth against the brightness of the white walls and tiles. Carpeting was laid throughout the rest of this charming happy home, completing the refurbishment and readying it for tenancy. The rear garden was also tidied, and overgrown shrubs entwined with bramble, removed, opening up the garden area.  The broken fence panels were also replaced. Happy days! 

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